Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our mission at After Dark Education is to help photographers of all levels find creative breakthroughs via hands-on, goal-oriented education that fosters innovation through the creativity of small groups. After Dark Education helps portrait photographers reach their potential beside 35 mentors who are recognized as the best in the industry. Participants learn directly from these mentors in fully equipped studio bays, on location and in small business pods to meet individual learning goals. After Dark’s relaxed atmosphere will help you reawaken your inner muse and find creative solutions to issues that matter.

For more info and to read what others are saying, go to

After Dark has generously donated 1 full scholarship to their program in New Orleans in November for our Cover Winner!  A $400.00 Value!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Design Cottage

Design Cottage

A Membership Program for Photographers
* Want to increase your sales?
*No time to prepare your presentations?
*Want to sell frames but intimidated?


MAY SALE:  GET 2 Months for $100.00

Membership Includes:

1. Email us your clients' images no less than 48 hrs before you need them and we will design 2 or 3 wall collections or whatever you need and email it back! Then presto! You are ready for your presentations! (you request Wild Sorbet or Traditional moldings) Your images will be presented IN frames and designed on a generic wall or even over YOUR CLIENT'S sofa or mantle (just send us the pic!)
2. Quarterly Webinars for members only on topics such as Design, Markenting, Finance etc.
3. Newsletter with Design Tips and great resources we find for you
4. Exclusive Sales from Wild Sorbet and Handcrafted Framing
5. A great Welcome Packet with lots of info and extra goodies and savings!

Levels and Pricing:

Level 1:  $45.00/month   up to 5 clients/month with up to 15 images per client
Level 2:  $90.00/month   up to 10 clients/month with up to 15 images per client
Level 3:  $120.00/month  up to 15 clients/month  with up to 20 images per client

Things to Ponder:
1. Yes, we sort of did this complimentary but due to the large # of requests per day for frame design, it is really impossible for you to receive a creative idea and more than about 30 seconds spent on your image.  We want to give you more!
2. If you show sell it.  So....if you can turn a $400.00 sale into a $1200.00 sale because you have a few creative wall collections to show - this membership has paid for itself!
3. Yes, you can send us images of your client's home and we will build frames for them and place them on the wall.
4. Yes, you can cancel at ANY Time!
5. Yes, we use Pree-Vu software but you do not have to have the software to receive the designs. 
6. Yes, you can purchase Pree-Vu monthly as well, if you would like.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Going to Texas School?

Wild Sorbet is launching a sister company.......Design Wild.  A design company to assist Photographers and their studios or even home studios.

To help "get the word out" and just because we LOVE Texas School, we are offering all students complimentary design consultations during the week of Texas school.

What do you need?  We will post everything you need to know to schedule and the info you will need to bring with you with in 24 hrs!

Check back!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Moms With Cameras is a fun new blog dedicated to professional photographers who are mothers. This blog's mission is to inspire and share with photogra-mommas who want to nurture their families while creating better images and building profitable businesses. So all of you photogra-mommas, wipe the grape jelly off of your fingers, grab a cup of coffee and head over to

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This section is devoted to sharing with you resources we find or use that we think may be of intrest to you. Keep checking back, we will be posting things as we find them.!

The paper for the back of your frames:
We think our frames are too special for plain, brown craft paper. So we use thick wrapping paper in our favorite patterns. Where do we get it?

Our Source for Wall Designs:
We love helping you design your studio with cool and dramatic wall displays. We sometimes get help from Lena Hyde! She has a great book called the Inpire Guide that she sells to photographers. It is a file she sends you and then you send it to your lab to have it printed and bound. She recently came out with a new version and it is unflattened so you can actually move the furniture and frames for a custom look. Tell her we sent you! Where to go?
Design Aglow !

A Great Source for Track System for backdrops:
We are always being asked about how to hang our fabulous backdrops. Well, if you have the studio for it, the ideal way is a track system and we have found the perfect source! He will even travel to your studio to install it! Wow! This company has lots of other supplies for photographers at competitive prices so you can check those out too!

Template for our Crib Frame / Changing Table Frame:
Beverly Walden fell in love with our Crib frame! So much, that she even created 3 templates specifically for them. After numerous photogs seeing them at tradeshows and on our old blog, we were inundated with requests for Bev to sell them. Well, she has now created them to sell. So go to to get yours!

Templates, business tools etc.:
Go to for some great new lines of templates!!!

Groovy Camera Straps:
From the creative, Lori nordstrom comes one of the coolest creations I have seen for photographers! You'll just have to see them for your self and.....tell her we sent you!